Thanks to my axe™ body spray and nike™ elite socks I have over 12 gf’s

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yeah i don’t see what the big problem is

free market capitalism unfairly advantages some of the most fucked up and useless skill sets. like corporate leadership.

if you think 2014 isn’t the best year so far you’re WRONG because i can get all the importnat news links *directly* from joe rogan

i would have such great art if i was rich


u2’s new album showing up in your iTunes is the same as bono creeping into your room in 1996 and sliding his cd into your discman while you sleep

an obvious botanical expert


i think i’m singlehandedly keeping the circus peanut industry afloat 

i hear about all these people who not only have access to Rx drugs but they get so many they get hooked on them and i’m standin here like